GoJek, Bestival Di sini Senang

The last week was kind of exciting as nothing really special happened, other than me trying to find myself. After I finally battled the life-threatening man flu and made It back into the real Bali life, I already had to go back to Udayana Universtity on Monday. I will try later in my Blogs to describe what we learn there, because most of you guys think I am here on holiday and do nothing, but thats actually not true as we learn a lot of new things there and have a good education there as well. Besides that, I dont only have holidays, I also go to parties which is really exhausting. And Beer, a lot of beer, but thats important as you have to drink at least 2 Liters of liquid a day



Nevertheless, Monday Uni, Great. Tuesday Uni, Great. On Wednesday, we had a special Event at our University, where people sold Homemade food and would then donate it to the victims of the volcano disaster. By the way volcano, this girl is actually pissing me off right now as it doesn´t really want to erupt. The other day our lecturer Rajeh told us that the seismic waves went down so it´s actually not happening now, which is good, but if she decides to start again I will have some serious talk with her.


Back to the food festival. We finally got real Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), it tasted like heaven after 1 million nasi gorengs eaten here. Later that day, students performed the Sariswati dance, which is a traditional Balinese dance and they did really good. The highlight of the day was my finnish friend Lotta performing the Di sini senang song with a couple of other students. It is important to say that she has the voice of an angel when she sings, not like a real angel, more like the death angel. But angel is angel. After being close to get ear cancer, because of the beauty of the song, I started back home to do my homework as always. (hahaha ok I know no one believes me that)




Jumping back into the past I know want to write about the Bestival I visited together with Reetta our local manager of Asia Exchange and Harri, the boss of the program Asia Exchange. I never experienced such a great atmosphere and laugh so much in my whole live, like i did with those two people. So future students who think about going on a Semester abroad, choose Asia Exchange. The service is great, they help you wherever you need help and they are such relaxed and nice people, you will for sure have the time of your live.


Other than that, we saw Pendulum, Alt J and Purity Circle there. The show was breathtaking. The music was great. The beer tasted like pi**. Like seriously, if the devil created beer, its name would be Prost, like that shitty thing is called. I wouldn´t even give this creation of the devil, give to Donald Trump if he was having a beer with me.




After the party, I had to go home so I called a GoJek, which in my eyes is the best App you can imagine. With GoJek you can nearly get everything. They provide you with Moped Taxi, Car Taxi, they buy you food, they pick up your laundry, buy you medicals, come and give you massages. Like I think they would even clean your behind, if you want: D the price is also very great. For a taxi for example from our apartment to Seminjak (35 minutes, 10 km) I payed 13.000 rupiah which is less than 1 Euro. Schnäppchen. I might try to get this App back to Austria so everyone of you can experience that great thing.




Attention Please: If you like to send any pictures or funny stuff use the Hastag #vallegoesbali and it will be displayed direct on my homepage. Try it out. I am looking forward.



Thx for reading my Blog, Cheers


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