Bike accident survived and a great visist from Austria

Last week I was saved by the Balinese god of biking called “Honda”. On the way to a Sushi Restaurant, Valentino Rossi aka me had to use all his driving skills to not get injured. The incident was the craziest thing people in Bali ever saw. But let me start to describe it in detail.
While I was driving in the Pole Position at the traffic lights, I had a bad start and fell back to the 4th place. I tried to fight my way back to the first spot but this was not possible due to the following incident. Clemens leading the race had to stop because a dog did not know how to behave in traffic and crossed the road. The 2 drivers behind Clemens made a full stop and me at the 4th place tried my best to not kill myself. I jumped over the bike, some even say I made a double front flip, and landed perfectly in the “telemark” position (like skijumpers) on my feet. This was a very special achievement as I was wearing Sandals. (for all my driving students, back home, if you read this, don’t try this at home. If I see you driving with sandals I will kick your ass). Anyways, I landed save. The judges from the sidewalk did not hesitate and rated the landing with 10,9,5,10,10 and 10 points, which was the highest score for a bike accident ever achieved in Bali. My bike Kevin (sorry for all Kevins, but this bike is such a piece of s**t it reminds me of my bobbycar back home, which had better brakes than that masterpiece) survived it too with some scratches. Well anyways, mum, you know I always drive safe and will never every try to win a race again here in Bali. Your Valentino Rossi/Schennach.




After that accident, I started to drive like a 90-year-old on a Sunday morning to church. Since then people are screaming at me, for driving to slow. But anyways, better be safe, right?




On Sunday, I had a really nice visitor from Austria. First, we went to Double Six Beach in Seminjak. I love Double6Beach, because whenever I feel homesick I can be sure there is one person form “se Germany” who comes up to me and starts to talk to me. “Oh I hear you speak German, where are you from”, most of the time I answer I am from the better part you wish you were from called Austria. Usually that helps to get rid of them. Comment: to all of my German friends, I really accept you as human beings, but I do not want to talk to you here in Bali. Sorry for that :D And please stop to reserve your beach beds with a towel, that’s unnecessary.  


Afterwards Cristina and me, my visitor from Austria, went to visit the Tanah Lot Temple, which is one of the most famous temples in Bali. For all the cultural interested people here reading my Blog, I have some facts about the Temple as well.


  •     It is said that if you bring your lover to the Tanah Lot, the relationship will end in disaster.
  •    However married couples and families are unaffected and will remain blissfully happy.
  •    Pregnant or menstruating women aren’t allowed at the temple, as menstruation is considered “unclean”. Local legend states that the natural land bridge once collapsed when a menstruating woman tried to cross over to Tanah Lot. (crazy huh?)
  •     If you drink the water from its source at the temple’s base, you may soon come into some good fortune.   
  •     There are venomous sea snakes nearby the temple, they are believed to be the guardians of the temple, protecting the temple from evil spirits and intruders. The temple itself is purportedly protected by a giant snake, which was created from Nirartha’s selendang (a type of sash) when he established the island.
  •    If you ever plan to go to China you can as well visit Tanah Lot, as half of China’s population visits Tanah Lot, like seriously :D


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