Shit happens and a fallen Soldier

Another week, another crazy adventure. But let´s begin on Thursday, as Monday to Wednesday was reserved for University and me as a good student used all my time to learn new things.



Well...Thursday we had a excursion to a market at the center of Denpasar were we had to buy traditional Balinese Cloth, consisting of a Safari (shirt), Udeng (kind of a head, I call it helmet), Saput (a skirt you put over your skirt), Sarong (skirt) and a Treples (to fix your Skirts). As the instructions stated, everything should not cost more than 150.000 Rupiah (10 Euro). Well mister Valle was very hard negotiating with the nice ladies, who all promised me that their prices are the best prices of Bali. Anyways I ended up paying 200.000 Rupiah and still need to buy a Saput next time. No success I guess.


Later that night we were invited to a pool party close to our villa. The party itself was packed with around 70 people. Unfortunately, we have to report a fallen soldier from the party. Our BeerPong mattress was a victim of some guy trying to jump on her. The force on her body was too hard and she suffered severe inner damages. She tied peacefully in the pool. Media released a statement that it is not subject of terroristic action and therefore no further investigations will be made. Rest in Peace Chantal (as she was baptized later by me) 27.8.2017 * - 12.10.2017 you were a great drinking motivation and were always there for us.




To get over the unfortunate loss we had to suffer the day earlier I decided to go to Ubud for a couple of days and see what´s going on there. The first thing, the nice guy at the reception told me, was that I should not leave anything outside the room as the monkeys will steal it. Unfortunately, all the presents I bought for sister Paulina were in a huge bag which I left outside, as I forgot I should not leave it there, and were stolen by a 2-meter big monster monkey. I tried to fight him, because I wanted to bring you (Paulina) as many presents as possible, but now I guess you have to be happy with my presence. Sorry no presents for you, thanks to the 5-meter-tall monkey. Actually, people say he was even taller but I dont want to exaggerate.



The next day I went to the Monkey forest to look for the thief, to get your presents back, but I couldnt find him. Even worse, I got attacked by Franz, the monster Monkeys little cousin. While I tried to bribe Franz with Bananas to tell me where I can find the big monkey, he attacked me blindsided. I only realized that when 5-year-old Balinese Girls were laughing at me and one Person told me that Franz actually shit on my shoulder. That was even enough for the tough Valle so he decided to go to a Balinese Spa and get a Massage, which he did. Comment: the massage was the best thing ever (for all the guys: NO!!!! I didn´t asked for a happy end).



Well my dear sister Paulina, as you can see I tried my best to buy and bring you as many presents as possible. Unfortunately, the universe has a different plan and I even have to fight monkeys for you. So maybe Ill get you a present from the duty-free shop at the airport as there are no big monkeys.




Have a great day guys and guysinnen




Valle #vallegoesbali


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