Blog Part I : Killer-Insect-Invasion and magic holiday appearance

Hey Ho,


As most of you already complained that I didnt write a blog in 2 weeks, I will know write a new blog with 2 parts.


Most of you already saw the pictures of the crazy invasion of killer insects at our villa. Let´s go back to the start. While is was in the gym to get my fat body back in shape (well actually I am chubby but sexy) I got a call from my roommate Dominik, that it might be a good idea to come home. First I thought he was making fun of me, but when I saw the pictures I knew, that this was my time to be a hero. I jumped on my bike Kevin drove to the next Indomarket and bought for 3 liters of Insect sprays. Armed like the Soviet Union back in the cold war, my Bike Kevin and me arrived at home. At the gate of our house a swarm of Bats was attacking me, but I used some killer moves to fight my way to the door. Arriving at the door, I saw (this time I am not lying) more than 1.mio insects trying to get in the house. I used my killer moves again, and two insect sprays to get into the house (the United Nations are already investigating if this was an attack with chemical weapons, We will see if I might be in Den Haag soon). Anyways, Insect-Man Valle fought his way through the our living room which could´ve been compared to Jurassic park and saved Dominik. We switched the lights of and the insects all died on the floor.



Gede (our housekeeper) and me cleaned the whole apartment in less than an hour and managed to fill a 60Liter plastic bag full of these insects. Anyways, we survived.



Two days later, late at night we got a announcement form our university stating: The government of Bali announced a holiday tomorrow so you dont have to come to University. Dear Sebastian Kurz, future King of Austria you might think of a system like that (just announce a holiday if you have a hangover from to much partying in Vienna´s nights clubs 😉




After all those crazy events, it was then time to study for the midterm exams. All in all, we had 4 written exams and 4 Papers to write. As most of you might think studying here is just easy, is mistaken. The exams are pretty exigent and weren´t as easy as we thought.



On Wednesday night, after all the exams I decided to go play tennis with my Dutch friends and learned me new favorite word knübbellicht which means indicator or blinker on a bike :D the game was live on ESPN, EUROSPORT, DAZN, and BibelTV


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