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Dear fans of my blog,

due to some circumstances i was not able to write my blog for 1,5 months now, but don´t worry I am back now.




So what did happen? During a rainy day at our beloved university, god decided to let a million liters of water fall from the sky. Seriously, I am not kidding, my bike Kevin and me tried to swim through the flooded streets which were covered in water by at least 30 cm. Unreal. Anyways, back home I was happy I did not turn into a fish, but when I opened my backpack I realized my laptop was covered in water. Shock. I quickly disabled the batterie and put it into rice. Fun fact: rise really works, you know why?? When you put electronic into water, little Chinese man come to eat the rice and repair your stuff. So after a long period of rice and drying it works again and I am happy to present you from now, new episodes of vallegoesbali until the 12th of January.




SO, what did happen the last month? Flores to begin with


From November 9th until the 19th I was in Flores, an Island in South East Indonesia, close to Komodo. We traveled from Maumere, which is in the East of Flores to Labuan Bajo, West Flores. In Maumere we saw a traditional sarong factory and many interesting traditional villages, which can be seen in the picture sector, by tomorrow when I have better Internet in Bangkok.




The next day we traveled to Ende. There we had a great view on the blue stone beaches and great dinner. After that we drove to a town in the mountains, of which I forgot the name. At 4 in the morning, I got up, like every day, to climb 30 hours to the top of Mount Kelimutu. On top of the mountain I experienced the most beautiful sunrise ever. Other than the 30 chinese women who were taking selfies on top of the mountain. After 15.000 selfies taken they realized the sun was up and went back down to the parking area. I wouldn´t be mad if this was the end of the story, but on the way down they took another half million pictures and blocked the way. Shing shang shung.


About Mount Kelimutu I can only tell you that its a 2000m high volcano, which has 3 lakes on top if it, each having a different color (pics will be uploaded tomorrow).




The last destination of our trip was Labuan Bajo, at the West Part of Flores, and one of the best diving spots in the world. On our boat trip there we went to Rinca Island, one of two island in the world where the Komodo Dragon is living. That animal is the most ugly and scariest thing I have ever seen. After a walk through the jungle there, having 3 heart attacks and 4000 mosquito bites, we finally went snorkeling. The beauty of the reefs in Labuan Bajo cannot be described in words as there is no such thing anywhere (just look at the pictures). Unfortunately, these reefs are slowly dying because of the climate change and I am happy that I had the chance to see them before its too late.


The next day, we went again diving , with my new friends Jürgen and Peter, two Manta Rays. Those creatures are soooo freaking big. In comparison to my biceps, they are nearly the same size 😊


The last day we rented a scooter and drove around the streets of Flores. Well you cannot name it streets, i´d rather call It a place where you can rape your bike or car. Unbelievable. Anyways, I am sorry that I cannot tell more funny things about Flores, but I can promise you the next Blog, about the Vulcano and the last month in Bali will be funny.




Anyways, I am leaving to Bangkok tonight to meet my best friend Michael. He is coming all the way from Austria and we are trying to create as much fun stories as possible.




Next Blog and Pictures will come soon,








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