Bye Bye Bali

The last months in Bali, was a very rainy one. Therefore, my scooter Kevin and me couldn´t spend a lot of time together which made him very sad.


After the trip to Flores, my friends Dominik, Bene, Clemens, Illona, Cindy, Fabienne and Melli decided to go to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, a small Island East of Bali. There we had a great time. We visited Underground Temple and many Beaches, you only know from movies. We went snorkeling, if you can call it snorkeling. The waves were so high that even the turtles in the water got scared and left the water. We had delicious food at a cute little restaurant near our hotel, were all of us got into a fight for the last cinnamon cake à Clemens won and got the cake, you deserved it buddy.


Back home in Bali we decided to party a little at a Bar called SkyGarden, were this Chinese guy tried to sneak into our party Video, which he successfully did. After, Steven (my Dutch friend) and me lost everyone, we decided its time to, what else, party on. Go hard or go Home.



All in all the last month in Bali, was very rainy and we couldn´t do as much as we wanted. A highlight tough, was the visit at waterbomb, a Water Park in Kuta. Bene and I broke the record in every slide and we had a great time there. The only negative part was my back the next day, it looked like I had a fight with a Cactus. OUCH!!!


The last week we spent our time studying, more or less. The final exams went very well and unfortunately Bene, Domi and Clemens left on the 16th at night. The last night in Bali, Me and my French friend (we consider us twins, even though he is black) went to party. At the first house party, we didn´t stay long because the police closed it, but luckily someone just moved to party to his villa. Alex tried his luck in Beer Bong, and as we all know, he won. By the way congratulations Alex on winning every Award at Udayana University Best soccer player, Best Joke 2017, Best Student, Best Girl, Best scooter Driver, Best Female actor, Best Singer, you deserve it !!!!




On the 18th of December I then went to Bangkok to meet up with my Best friend Michael.


For the 4 months in Bali I want to specially thank my three friends Benedikt Hagleitner, Clemens Erlsbacher and Dominik Braitsch for the unforgettable time I couldn´t ask for better companions! Thank you very much, for all the adventures we had and that everything went so smoothly.


Also a big thanks to all my friends I met during that trip Cindy, Fabienne, Illona, Alex, Lotta, Reetta, Jessica, Caroline, Bouwe, Steven, Oliver, Daan, Johnny , Sabrina, Kevin and Robert (for all I forgot I am sorry). Thank you so much for the last months and the adventure we all had. I hope our ways will cross one day again and we can party again, you guys are amazing.




Lastly, I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to be able to study, that they never let me quit school and that they raised me the way they did. Thank you Mama that you are always showing me the right way, Thank you Papa for never letting me quit on anything, without you I wouldn´t had the chance to have such a great experience and wouldn´t be where I am right now.. Tarima kasih.




I hope all of you had a great Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year 2018.


New Blog about Bangkok and Koh Samui is going to be LIT.








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