Valle goes Bali 2.0

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mister Breckelmans


It´s time for another Journey. Valle goes Bali 2.0 is ready to be written.

In my second Adventure, I will travel through many countries and do my internship with a company. Starting at Koh Samui I will travel to Bali and other destinations I am needed at. After my trainee weeks I will be send to many different location including Phuket, Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Taipei to name a few.

My awesome boss from the driving school Zebra gave me a little present to not forget how great my work at the driving school is. Eigi, a small toy Zebra will be my travel companion and will have his own Instagram account: Eigi_ibk where you can follow his journeys through the rough traffic of south east Asia. For more information and details about the driving school you can also visit http://www.zebra.at/standort.php?s=16


For all those who want to do their semester abroad in South East Asia I would highly recommend you the agency AsiaExchange. With many different locations, spread all over Asia, they offer you a highly professional service to get to your favorite destinations without any inconvenience. Moreover, you will meet great students with whom you will have the time of your life. For more detail check out https://www.asiaexchange.org/de/


Right now vallegoesbali is in Koh Samui and tries to get rid of his jetlag. Also, I am writing my bachelor thesis and do some other project at the beach, which sucks a lot :D Also having such sunny wheater, palmtrees and great people around me is just horrible. I am very jealous of my Austrian friends who can enjoy the upcoming -25 degrees this weekend here its only plus 32 :D


Big thanks to my friend Lisa from the Austrian Airlines, for the awesome seats I had during my flights from Innsbruck to Koh Samui. Also, flying with the Airbus 380-800 was such an awesome experience and one of my childhood dreams became true. Next point on the bucket list is Eurofighter.


To my friend Michael, have a great weekend and enjoy your Poolchallenge with -25 degrees :D


Cheers, Khob Khun Krab and Terima Kasih




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