Nyepi Nyepi,

Hello everyone. It´s been a lot of time since my last post and I want to apologize truthfully (Not). I have been busy learning all kinds of new things here in Bali and I really enjoy my time here. I bought a new camera and a lot of new equipment I will be using during my time. I am also working for people now on Instagram to improve their Accounts and it´s been successfully already. If you need help as well just write me an email.



But lets leave business aside and come to the funny things in life. Last Saturday the Balinese people celebrated Nyepi, which can be compared to New Years Eve. The only difference is that the next day you are not allowed to leave the house, use electricity or have fun. As I had to take care of my Boss´s (Reetta) dogs, I had good company. We played cards together and I even lost 1mio Rupiah to Ella, Reetta´s oldest dog. I cooked myself some great meals and just enjoyed the quietness. The highlight of my Nyepi was watching the stars at night. Because no one is leaving the house or using light at night the Stars appear to be just inches away, and I honestly have to say that I have never seen a more beautiful night sky, it was just breathtaking.

After that spectacle, I had a photo shooting with some of my students at Nyang Nyang beach which turned out to be super fun and I learned a lot.

Next week I will be traveling to Thailand to visit some of the other destinations in Phuket and Bangkok. After that, I will be one week in Kuala Lumpur as well.

If anyone needs some tips for traveling in South East Asia dont hesitate to contact me, I know many nice places you should visit, without any Germans (Touriiiiiists) hahaha.

I will also travel to South Korea and China for two weeks, which I am really excited of.

Another funny thing that happened to me during my visits here was driving from Lombok Airport to Kuta Lombok. Before we started the taxi driver asked me to pray for him, which I did. He asked me to repeat his words so god would bring us safely to Kuta. Anyways, I had to do the whole procedure 5 times until he was happy with my pronunciation :D But luckily we arrived safely in Kuta. About Lombok, I cannot say much, cause I was sick for 2 days and had to stay in the Hotel. But it´s definitely a place to spend if you are interested in surfing. The waves there are amazing. Also, the flights from Bali are super cheap (28 return).

Sorry for not having more funny stories but I hope this will change soon.


Until then stay clean,




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    Reetta (Montag, 26 März 2018 09:37)

    You never learn. Ella (Carlos) is the middle one of the dogs :) Dog number 1 is obviously the oldest