The next couple weeks i will be traveling through South East Asia. On the 14th of April ill be heading to Bangkok to visit 3 different Universities. As my boss told me to be nice, I will try not to annoy our students (this will be a challenge for me). In Bangkok I will try to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting my face tattoed like Mike Tyson Mama don´t worry you know thats a joke.



Actually, in Bangkok, I will try to escape all the tourist places and see what the real Bangkok looks like, not like I did in my last travels with my Friend and Mister Tourist 2017/2018 Michael Tauber. If you want to find out more about places to visit in Bangkok just visit my Tips and Tricks column. Oh, and it´s going to be Songkran in Thailand, which is similar to our New Years Eve. In case you are in Thailand make sure you protect your electronics. People run around with water guns and make each other wet, and by wet I mean you will get soaked. I already bought my water gun on the black market, a super soaker 3000 which can be compared to an AK74. Let´s she how much the Thais can handle (I already see them flying around).


After that, I will be flying to Phuket. I don´t really know what I will be experiencing there but for sure it´s going to be fun. I already have some appointments there with some super nice students to take some interviews and Waters. If you should see me posting stupid stuff on any Social Media Platforms, I apologize in advance, it will probably be because of the sun (its going to be beer, yeah for sure beer).


Phuket will be fun for sure and Kuala Lumpur, the next stop as well. There I will try to find Michael T´s New Year kiss. I cannot tell you more about that because he will kill me if you find out that he kissed a ladyboy (we are not sure about that though). But I will not tell you that right now about the girl/boy we don´t know.


After those 3 weeks of traveling, I´ll be heading back to Samui, where I will work on all the gathered content which I hope I can upload before the beginning of the next century (sorry Pekka if I am a little slow).

Oh, and I still have to entertain you guys with my stupid stories. Most of the time they are true, sometimes it can happen that I exaggerate but that actually never happens. Just like the water gun, I really possess that thing and it´s super good (no it´s actually not, it´s pink and has a Unicorn on it).


Big greets to my friends from last semester Steven Brekelmans aka Knüpellicht and Alex Bissante aka best soccer player, singer, student I really miss you guys here in Asia. When are you coming?


All these travels I will be accompanied by Eigi, my little Zebra friend i got from the Boss Biggi as a lucky charm.


Stay tuned and have fun reading







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