Getting ripped off in Bangkok

The last week has been a lot of traveling for me. My first stop was Koh Phangan, an island south of Koh Samui. Unfortunately, it rained for 2 days which made the visit there a little boring, but from what I have seen I can say the island is a place I will definitely visit again. For all of those, who want to visit Koh Phangan I would recommend you a restaurant called L´Alcove. It is located in Hunkong beach and very French (which is in this context meant as very cute frenchy). They offer a variety of great western specialties for European like prices. The view there is just WOW and the live music was great. Definitely, a place to visit for everyone.



After Koh Phangan, I took the ferry back to Koh Samui and worked until Thursday to prepare for my trips to Bangkok, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur. On Friday, my personal highlight, Songkran was celebrated in Koh Samui. I took my water-gun, which I bought on the black market, and went to the festivities. Describing this festival in words is impossible, you must have seen it. Songkran is the Thai New Years celebration and is also known as the water festival (Thais pray the water). So there I was with my water-gun, filled with ice cold water (I filled it up with ice cubes) and went for a hunt.


The ladyboys across the street where screaming like girls, when they got hit with the cold water, probably the first time in their lives (okay that was mean, sorry mister S). Walking around the streets in Koh Samui gives you the feeling of being part of the biggest water fight in the world. Everyone is armed with water-guns or buckets filled with water, waiting to splash you. It was just awesome, and for sure something you have to experience.


The next day, I traveled to Bangkok. After waiting for around 1 hour to get a Grab, I decided to take a taxi which is usually double the price at 200 Bhat. Anyways, I took a cab and the rider was super nice, but after I asked him about the price he said its cheap my friend, special price for you 1000 Bhat. I was laughing and told him that he probably thinks I am a stupid Tourist but I am not paying more than 200 Bhat, which he declined. So, this ride ended after exactly 200 meters and I had to find another taxi. After 5 minutes, the Taxi rider came again and said he will drive me to my Hostel in China town for 200 Bhat but I should not tell the Police that he wanted 1000 Bhat. Haha, I guess I got scared or something that I would report him. He even offered me water and was super nice. In the end, I only paid 180 Bhat and arrived safely in China Town.


Today and the rest of the week I will be busy visiting Students in Bangkok. I will visit the Hangover Restaurant and other exciting places I will tell you about next week. New Pictures should come at the end of the week, and a new video is in the making.


Have a great week everyone,




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