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Last week Valle went Bangkok, again, the city of Taxis (You see more Taxis there, than normal cars on the streets there). Unfortunately,when I arrived at the Airport, there were none and you can read more in my last Blogpost here.


Because I am smarter now, i can give you some tips for Bangkok. 

  • Airport – City (220 – 350 Bhat à ask for Meter) don´t pay more than that.
  •  If you have the chance, buy a Sim Card at the Airport as well. Prices are for 15-30 days, unlimited Internet or up to 8GB around 299-500 Bhat.

After the torture of finding a fitting transport I finally arrived after 2 hours at China-Town, where my hostel was located. I have to mention that I have never slept in a dorm bed and was super nervous. It turned out that I really liked it. The Hostel was super clean, the bed was very comfortable and the price was great. For the 7 nights I was there I paid 65 €. If you are also looking for a place to stay in Bangkok I would recommend you this place, its very central. 10 Minutes by taxi to the Siam shopping centers and 10 Minutes foot walk to the next BTS or MRT (Skytrain, Subway).


The Place is called Norn Yaowarat and absolutely a place I would recommend.


In Bangkok, I was very busy with my work. I had interviews every day with students and I was roaming a lot around the city. Usually, I started at 8 in the morning and finished at 10 at night. It was tough, but I loved it. I saw many beautiful places and met great people like Virginia, Mustafa, Gamze, and Mohamed. Thank you, guys, for your time and the great input I got from you, Khob Khun krab.


But now I am coming to the highlight of my week, Mister Rengson.


After one of my co-workers had the great idea of an Interview with Mister Rengson, the International Affairs Boss and good soul of Siam University, I had a spontaneous meeting with him on Friday morning. After I sent him an email with my request he asked me for my CV, which was weird for me but I didn´t ask why. Later it turned out he asked for it because he didn´t know if I was a girl or a guy, so getting my CV was a good move. Smart Move mister Rengson, very smart. I arrived at Siam Universtiy on Friday 900 sharp and was a little nervous because I did not know what to expect. There was this guy, 165cm wearing a nice suit and being full of power the moment I entered the door. The way he talked inspired me, he saw so much positive things in this world and I just had a great time.


He organized a whole day program with me. First, he and his friend drove me to a remote area in a suburb of Bangkok, where they showed me a villa complex with very beautiful houses. They are sold for 120.000 €, all including a swimming pool. In Innsbruck, you would probably get a 30sqm apartment-key for that. Crazy.


After that, they took me to dinner at the Port. Sorry, I forgot the name. We had the best shrimps you can get on this planet and a variety of other seafood. The table was stacked and I thought "who is going to pay for this", it turned out it would only cost 700 Bhat (20 €). In Austria it would probably cost 5000 Bhat (140€). As soon as I know the place I will post it for you in the TIPS and TRICKS section.


Later that day we took a boat to Bangkok Sea View Restaurant, a place outside of Bangkok and for sure a must-see in this city. There are no Tourists, the food is great and the whole trip to get there is an adventure.


 You will take a long boat from Sea View Port and go through the mangrove forest river streets of Bangkok. It’s a spectacle and if you are lucky you will see the best Sunset of your lifetime. Additionally, you will sit at the edge of the mainland in the Gulf of Thailand in a Restaurant build on sticks, WOW.

  •      Check it out: click

 Overall,  they treated me like the King of Thailand, I really enjoyed it, thank you Mister Rengson, I´ll be back.



At the moment, I am in Phuket and i can already promise you some funny stories. 


Until then, have a great sunday




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