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English Blog · 22. April 2018
In Bangkok i was treated like a king. If you want to find out more about my travels, just read this Blog.

English Blog · 16. April 2018
Traveling can sometimes be very expensive, especially if you don´t know the prices. Luckily, I got the right information before hand.

English Blog · 06. April 2018
2 more weeks until i will get in trouble again. Check out where i will go and what might happen to my face

English Blog · 01. April 2018
Traveling in Asia can sometimes be funny and sometimes be sad. During the last 4 weeks I had both feelings. Check out my "humorous" Blog about my travels through South East Asia.

English Blog · 24. März 2018
Hello everyone. It´s been a lot of time since my last post and I want to apologize truthfully (Not). I have been busy learning all kinds of new things here in Bali and I really enjoy my time here. I bought a new camera and a lot of new equipment I will be using during my time. I am also working for people now on Instagram to improve their Accounts and it´s been successfully already. If you need help as well just write me an email. But let’s leave business aside and come to the funny things...

English Blog · 07. März 2018
Back at my second Home Since Saturday Valle is back at his beloved Bali. I am currently staying at Brawa in a really nice Homestay, where I have everything I need. 3 Minutes from Brawa Beach, where I go surfing with my “Boss” and “Emperor” Fabian. My surfing skills are also getting better, I am actually able now to go into the water without drowning (Just kidding). I hit my first 2-meter wave yesterday, with a longboard single fin – it was awesome. Later that day I went to Betelnut, a...

English Blog · 01. März 2018
The last 9 days here in Thailand were breathtaking. After, starting in Koh Samui, were I visited my friend Nalisara, we went to Koh Tao, a small island North of Koh Samui. For everyone who likes to travel through Thailand and has the opportunity to do so with a Thai – do it. It´s amazing how prices change when you travel with a local. At Koh Tao I tried to rent a scooter, which was initially 350 Bhat (9,10 €) – without insurance. When Nali started to negotiate, the price suddenly dropped...

English Blog · 23. Februar 2018
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mister Breckelmans It´s time for another Journey. Valle goes Bali 2.0 is ready to be written. In my second Adventure, I will travel through many countries and do my internship with a company. Starting at Koh Samui I will travel to Bali and other destinations I am needed at. After my trainee weeks I will be send to many different location including Phuket, Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Taipei to name a few. My awesome boss from the driving school...

English Blog · 27. Dezember 2017
The last months in Bali, was a very rainy one. Therefore, my scooter Kevin and me couldn´t spend a lot of time together which made him very sad. After the trip to Flores, my friends Dominik, Bene, Clemens, Illona, Cindy, Fabienne and Melli decided to go to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, a small Island East of Bali. There we had a great time. We visited Underground Temple and many Beaches, you only know from movies. We went snorkeling, if you can call it snorkeling. The waves were so high that...

English Blog · 17. Dezember 2017
Dear fans of my blog, due to some circumstances i was not able to write my blog for 1,5 months now, but don´t worry I am back now. So what did happen? During a rainy day at our beloved university, god decided to let a million liters of water fall from the sky. Seriously, I am not kidding, my bike Kevin and me tried to swim through the flooded streets which were covered in water by at least 30 cm. Unreal. Anyways, back home I was happy I did not turn into a fish, but when I opened my backpack I...

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